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WE transform words
into images.

We are Visual Thinkers.

Through Visual Thinking we simplify concepts and facilitate the comprehension of processes, improving the communication of our organizations.

“80% of our mind is designed to absorb images better than words.”


Graphic Recording

Graphic Recording consists of making a visual summary throughout an event, a meeting or any other forum where knowledge is generated or shared.

The information displayed in real time is visually compiled, creating a visual mural that can later serve as minutes. For this, we have the support of the largest community of Graphic Recorders, "The International Forum of Visual Practitioners".

Gather the main conclusions through illustrations in both physical and digital format.

Do you want to bring something new and stand-out to your event?

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Digital Training

Delve into our digital training course with 30 video pills that will help you take away your blank page stage fright. Learn to visualize your ideas and give a boost to your way of communicating.

A course that combines individual work with teamwork, face-to-face video calls with visual video pills.

We know that each organization has its own peculiarities.

Do you want to design a personalized course?