Visual thinking

We walk you through the development of your business, empowering you by using visual tools

Graphic Recording

Visual summaries created live to improve communication and interaction among people

Process Visualization

A picture that summarizes your idea, project, product or service in a simple and attractive way

Visual summaries and templates

We design visual templates that will ease communication in team processes

Graphic recording

We visually collect and crystalize the information at the same time the speakers share it making the event unique. We do it live, so the results are visible for the people attending all through the day, and it is only finished at the end of the event.

It gives a consistent and smooth line to the event and provides a common closure where the main conclusions are collected clearly and visually.

We mostly use paper, but we have also worked on other materials such as foam board, PVC, wood… as well as in digital format.

Process Visualization

We listen to you and we design a picture that summarizes your idea. To show the world what you are doing is not always an easy task, that is why working on a concept and the ability to express in a single image is important. This will provide an easier communication and a better understanding. We do this through Visual Thinking, transforming words into images and spreading long lasting messages.

Visual Templates

We walk you through the development of your business, empowering you using visual tools to make your team processes more successful. This smoothes communication, fosters participation and improves performance; which leads to better results.

The design of these templates will come very handy in the creative processes for new ideas, projects, strategies… raising involvement of every participant.

Modus operandi

1. We listen
2. We create structure
3. We visualize
4. Wow!



We are delighted to help you.


If you have reached down here, we are sure it is because you have something in mind you can’t wait to share with us.We are here willing to hear from you to fill your inbox with new designs and ideas.

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48260, Ermua

Email: info@makeitvisual.es
Phone: +34 943 176 682

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